Restaurant/Bar: Alfie’s, Dublin

There’s a point in the afternoon, particularly if the sun is warm and the vibe lazy, where a €5 cocktail is precisely what the doctor – if he were present – would suggest. And, if pressed to be specific, I think he might just suggest Alfie’s, a blink-and-you-might-miss-it but oh-so stylish hole in the wall in Dublin’s city centre.

Finding a cheap cocktail is one thing (and quite a challenge in one of Europe’s most expensive cities) but finding a cheap, quality cocktail is quite another. There is always the danger of a lot of mixer and not much else. So it thrills me to assure you all that the cocktails from Alfie’s are delightful with no corners cut or sacrifices made. And trust me, sitting alongside a few of Dublin’s well dressed professionals – seemingly the common crowd at Alfie’s – I sampled a fair few. We started in the little outdoors area, which affords excellent people watching, and then, when the afternoon air drove us inside, moved up to the airy top-floor bar which, with its glass ceiling gave the impression of still being beneath the blue, spring sky.

The mojito is crisp and refreshing with just the right amount of sugar, the margarita tart and full of attitude. For those possessed of a sweeter tooth, the strawberry daiquiri is blended with fresh strawberries and the perfect accompaniment to a spring afternoon. If it’s the feeling you’re lying on the beach with umbrella service, then Sexy Chick with its tropical peach and pineapple blend will do the trick.

Contrary to what my cocktail fixation may suggest, Alfie’s is actually a restaurant with a series of menus to suit the most popular dining situations for the aforementioned professionals. There’s the Lunch Box, the Brunch Box and the Apres Work and the Bar Bites menu, depending on what time of day you find yourself drifting in. Of course, for those after the traditional dining experience, there’s the main menu with meals starting at €14.

Whatever the weather and whatever you’re after – a € 5 cocktail or a meal with a good wine – like its menu, Alfie’s offers a little bit of everything.

Where:South William Street 10, Dublin, Ireland

Contact tel: 01 6718767

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