Bar/Cafe: FYAL, Münster

In an historical city not known for being cutting edge so much as quaint and well kept, FYAL sticks out like a trendy thumb. Not literally of course, cool is never dangled in front of one’s nose – FYAL is suitably tucked down a little cobbled side street – but certainly when compared to the traditional pubs and bier gartens Muenster enjoys a wealth of, FYAL is resoundingly young and very, very cool.

Borne of ‘one free room, one idea’ FYAL combines the typical loves of the student body that pulses beneath Muenster’s polished, older façade – music, art, food and drink. Art covers the walls, the music is discernibly edgy by its lack of recognisable tunes and the snack menu pleasingly basic and not a little bit retro.

By day the coffee is excellent, by night the drinks cheap (1.80 euro for a Mediterranean style tumbler of wine) and the atmosphere cool and laid back. The two-level set up is somewhere between an 90s 20-something-angst-film vibe and an art studio. Save for a couple of big couches down the back, the seating arrangement consists of big wooden, bench style tables which means if you don’t start the evening knowing your neighbour, you will likely finish it being somewhat well acquainted. Perhaps, even, embroiled in a student-esque conversation about FYAL’s great loves; art and music. On warmer evenings, these big, wooden benches spill outside and the view is of Muenster’s main cathedral, The Dom, by night. A little reminder of your beautiful, Medieval surroundings.

If you are after a little bit of student-cool in a city where history and tradition typically take pride of place, then join the students amongst the art, with their tumblers of wine and philosophical conversations.

Where: Geisbergweg 8, Münster, Germany

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