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As a features writer and columnist, I have written for publications based in Australia, the UK, Germany and the USA.

Sydney Morning Herald

Hair Under Your Arms

When Celebrities Go Naked for a Cause

Victoria’s Secret Decodes Womenspeak

Is there a right way to abandon a baby?

Are Australians Less Comfortable Naked Than the Rest of the World?

In Successful Economies, People Take Lunch Breaks

How Merkel Does Female Leadership

My husband took my name and all anyone could say was: is he sure?

This is what I learnt about my body after baby.


The Daintree National Forest in Australia

Museum Hopping in Berlin

Ancient Akrotiri in Santorini


All issues available online: English // German.

Issue 19 – The History of the Picnic

Issue 20 – Creative Chaos  1 2 3 4

Issue 21 – T.Time // How to Do Tea Like an East Frisian // Tea Rituals Worldwide

Issue 40 – Family Drama

Issue 43 – The Scent of Gold

Blog: A Short History of the Teacup (in Europe). DE//EN

Young Germany

Volunteering in Germany; Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr

Volunteering in Germany; A Guide

Interning in Germany: The Basics

How to Find an Internship in Germany

An Intern’s Tale: Working in Germany

Culture of Sharing in Germany

Germany’s Culture of Sharing – Shared Travel

From Jakarta to Cologne; An Expat Story

Live Work Germany

Life in Northern Germany: Proud to be Different Part 1

Life in Northern Germany: Proud to be Different Part 2

Kindergarten in Germany: The Lowdown on Preschool Childcare

German Frugality, Cash Culture, and Why Expats Find It So Perplexing

The German Education System Part 1: Primary and Secondary Schools

Peppermint Magazine

Review: Vegan’s Choice Cafe – Issue 5

The Menstruation Taboo  – Issue 6

Mind over Mantra – Issue 7

Forever Young  – Issue 10

In Good Company; Samantha Sample – Issue 12

Super Role Model – Tanya Ha – Issue 13

Super Role Model – Tom Conner – Issue 14

Super Role Model – Tim Silverwood – Issue 16

Saviour Rudd – an interview with Xavier Rudd – Issue 17

Dream Weavers – Issue 17

Hempathetic – Issue 17

Interview with One Night Stand Sleepwear – Issue 20

PDFs available upon request. Back issues can be purchased here.

The Local, Germany

 Finding Peace in Westphalia

Porn industry comes out best from this race row

Blogger for ”Expat Dispatches” 


German travel site Wimdu asked me what I’d do in Munich instead of going to Oktoberfest!

The Australian Times

Home; It’s Not You, It’s Me

It Takes an Aussie Abroad to Know an Aussie Abroad

Why Do Australians Travel So Much?

Greek Gastronomy: Gorging on Santorini

Santorini – A Few of my Favourite Things

Greece and Germany – It’s Complicated

Frankfurt, my Dear, You Should Give a Damn

There Will be a (Rather Long) Period of Adjustment

Through the Looking Glass


What Not to Do in Santorini Matador Trips

10 Things to do in Europe That will Make You Smarter – Matador Trips

The 10 Constants of Air Travel – Matador Pulse

Review: Princess with a Backpack by Lauren Resnick – Matador Goods

Fireworks on Sydney Harbour on New Years EveMatador Nights

10 Essential Beauty Supplies For Travelling – Matador Network

Can You Face Your Own Nationality Abroad? – Brave New Traveler

5 Writers Who Affirm The Importance of Travel – Brave New Traveler

Onya Magazine

 Australia: The World’s Misunderstood Teenager

She Came for the Adventure and Stayed for Love

Australia’s Live Export Shame; And What You Can Do

Selling Down Under

Archive of beauty, film and food reviews: here.

Trespass Magazine

Trespass Magazine was my baby, launched at the end of 2008 as a reaction to the lack of quality, insightful and intelligent writing platforms for readers and writers in their early 20s. Under my leadership, its audience grew to an average of 50,000 views a month. An archive of my writing, which spanned travel, beauty, food, interviews, music and op-eds for Trespass Magazine, can be found here.