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The Bones

I wrote this before the fires began, before the wolf came, as promised, to our door. 


We will give our children the bones

The bad bones, hollow, poorly formed.

The flesh that was once there, the

Stints and pins and casts and crutches we made,

They we have burnt, they we have eaten, cast aside.

Take the bones, we will tell them,

Sorry there’s nothing left, we didn’t know.

We didn’t know how terribly, terribly wrong we were.

But you should know, life was, for a while

Very good, very safe, very certain for many.

We will give our children the bones

The thin bones, white, stripped clean.

Make with them what you will, we’ll be long gone.

But you should know, things were, for a long time

Going very wrong to benefit the very few.

We knew all along, we won’t tell them.

They’ll find out anyway. We knew all along,

You would be left with dust and ruin, you would never

Know plentiful like us few knew plentiful.

But with the bones, they will build,

More carefully, more thoughtfully than we did.

They won’t have a choice. We did.

And we chose to let it burn.

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  1. annton

    5 January, 2020 at 1:11 pm

    This hits me hard. Thank you for these words.

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