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Where did March go? It slipped by in a rush of going back to work, and getting out into the sunshine, and succumbing to winter’s parting gifts of tedious, low grade viruses. And now here we are in April. April. We are careering towards Easter and after that it won’t be long until der Lüdde’s first birthday. But first, but first, another change looms, and if it isn’t the perfect season for change.

We’re moving. We found a little house with a little garden in a not-too-little village 12 minutes out of the city. Übergabe is fast approaching, and I have started packing, boxes stacked in our bedroom, completely in the way and a constant reminder of what we are lurching towards. I remember when we moved from Weiden to Kiel in 2014, thus ending a series of moves as we sought to find a city we would make ours, I said I never wanted to move again. We had been in Australia, where I had finished sorting out the last of my things I hadn’t yet shipped, and I was six months pregnant and the moving company were appalling and I figured I would rather stay put in this wonderful apartment for the rest of my life than ever lay eyes on another moving carton again.

But that was three years and two kids ago. The baby we brought home to this apartment in that hot summer of 2014 has long hair and longer legs and says things like ‘Mama on boat! Da oben!’. The baby we brought home to this apartment in the sunny spring of 2016 turns one soon and even though he may not think it, the little koala, he will love having his own room soon enough.

Of course, the usual nostalgia has crept in, wrapped itself around this apartment and this corner of the city I love. Of course, those pesky questions are bubbling around in the background; ‘but why change? Everything is fine! Keep living as you are you silly fool, why shake things up?’ Those questions, though, they bubble at the merest mention of change. I know them well, they have followed me around through countries and apartments and babies. They are the jerkiest of knees and they disappear the moment the new arrives. Besides, as much as I have loved the lifestyle living in the centre of a typical mid-sized German city (such a easy, car-less lifestyle) I know we have outgrown this apartment. And I want a garden, where I can grow herbs and flowers and release the kids without having to schlep them and all of their things down three flights of stairs and out to a playground. It will be so nice to stretch a little more, to barbecue out the back, to have those somewhat elusive of things here in Germany, a laundry room.

Ach ja, life continues apace. As much as I want to beg it to slow down, there is a time for that and it doesn’t seem to be my early thirties with two kids under 3. And that’s okay. I take the fleeting quiet moments for what they are – rare and lovely and just enough to keep the engine ticking.

For now, the boxes are waiting, the walls need a lick of paint, we completely forgot to make a Spermüll appointment in time and I have a Kellar to clear out.

The next chapter is here.




  1. Adrian

    6 April, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Ok so what’s a spermull and a kellar? A cellar?

    1. FrauGitte

      6 April, 2017 at 10:31 pm

      Sperrmu:ll is the special trash collection for bulky items and Keller is a cellar, go got it.

  2. Renate Barreras

    6 April, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    Really hard to move but most times it is for the Better I have done it many times the hardest one is deffirent country’s Will be nice to have a garden for your children Grüße. Renate

  3. Karin@yumandmore

    6 April, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    Dear Liv, that is good news and before summer too, how lovely. We moved to a house just outside of Frankfurt when Jasper was 4 for all the reasons you mentioned. 10 years later we moved back to the city. Those 10 years were perfect and we all thrived. Best of luck and happiness in your new home. And have some barby for me! xox Karin

  4. FrauGitte

    6 April, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    Ich wu:nsche Euch alles, alles Gute fu:r das neue Kapitel und bin mir sicher das die Nachbarn unter Euch sich auch so richtig freuen. Zwei Lu:dde u:ber der Decke braucht man nicht unbedingt (ja ich spreche aus Erfahrung). Da ist es schon besser im eigenen Haus zu sein.

  5. Ada

    6 April, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    How exciting for you Liv – a new chapter to add to your lives. Really hope that one day we can come and have some Bienenstich und Kaffee with you all. Happy moving!- lots of love from S n A xo

  6. Christie (A Sausage Has Two)

    7 April, 2017 at 4:47 am

    EXCITING. And I’m envious, both of the garden and the laundry room. Hoping to do that ourselves some time after our return. Hurrah!

  7. Frank Beck

    7 April, 2017 at 5:06 am

    A cottage 12 minutes out of town sounds perfect–hope there’s a garden, however tiny. Viel Glück!

  8. Carsten Witt

    7 April, 2017 at 9:59 am

    Do you still need boxes? Haben ist besser als brauchen… We moved weeks ago; so if you like, you may pick some up (certainly together with a cup of Eastern Frisian tea).

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