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Sunday Ausflug: Eckenförde

A truncated nap, a Sunday afternoon stretching ahead of us with two snotty kids, and rain that followed through on its threat the moment we stepped out of the apartment building. What’s a family to do? Well, firstly, hit a bakery. The Sunday queue will ensure the rain has time to stop by the time you emerge with a Rosinenbrötchen for the toddler and something starchy and filling for the adults. Starchy and filling is precisely what the crispness in the air calls for, come Autumn (and Autumn has come. Leider.).


Despite the break in the rain, we needed the baby to sleep and it was a bit too fresh to do an hour-long trek with die Lüdde’s nose, so we got in the car. He yelled until we hit the Autobahn and then, with no clear destination in mind, but a determination to keep him asleep, SG took a couple of turns and we headed out to Eckenförde.


Eckenförde is one of those lovely harbour towns with cobbled, stony lanes and hot Fischbrötchen wherever you look. More importantly, to my mind, the shops are open on a Sunday. So we released the toddler in the warm confines of the bookshop while we found some new reads for all of us. She contented herself trotting up and down a small ramp. (The longer I spend with toddlers, the more I realise what very little it takes to keep them occupied. New parent: forget the expensive toys. Give them an empty shoe box and a baby wipe. Or unlimited access to one of the drawers in the study. Or a bowl of water.)

The harbour was stormy and blowy and precisely what we wanted to avoid with the kids, so after the bookshop, we wove through the lanes a little bit, looking at the tiny, old houses.




The cool breeze had clearly taken a few people by surprise, possibly those wanting to hold onto the idea of that glorious Spätsommer. There were a lot of shorts and sandals out and about, when I would have been expecting at least a pashmina. That being said, I definitely got some pointed looks at der Lüdde’s hatless head which was peeking out from the carrier. (Like any good, practical German, I ended up fashioning a hat out of the head cover attached to his carrier and he was a piece of toast the whole time.)


We headed home, mission accomplished. The baby slept, we avoided the rain, and a nippy, wet Sunday afternoon didn’t feel so interminably long. And we got new books.

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  1. Renate Barreras

    20 September, 2016 at 2:02 am

    I love this area. Glad you and family are enjoying your time there.

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