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Buying gumboots for die Lüdde last weekend, I lamented, as one does when making effective small talk, the state of the weather outside. It was a bit rainy, a bit grey, a bit redolent of November but plus about 15 degrees. The sales assistant assured me the weather would improve. I said a Spätsommer would be super (and SG later said at that moment, when he heard me say that, I sounded tremendously German) and lo and behold – a Spätsommer is upon us.


Spätsommer is making up for no-show-summer in July. Spätsommer means people are hitting the beach in September, or whipping their kit off in the park and soaking up the sun in their undies (to be fair, some people do wear swimmers to sunbake in, but others find a secluded spot and bite the bullet in an act of admirable couldn’t care less-ness). The apple trees are full to bursting, but the temps are still sitting at 25 degrees. The daily ice cream is still going strong (double scoop, base scoop always Joghurt Natur). Some enthusiastic Autumn-lovers are determined to bang on about FALL AND PUMPKINS AND ANKLE BOOTS and to that I say, ‘Go. Away. Far, far away. With your ankle boots and your pumpkins.’

Why, why hasten the cold? It will come, and yes, with its the golden leaves and crisp evenings and you can cup your hot cocoa and curl up with your cinammon candles and all of that. But that time is not quite now. Now is the time to catch the sun before it disappears for the next six months. Now is the time to choose the table in the sun and squint through your Kaffee und Kuchen. Now is the time zu tanken.


These warm Spätsommer evenings, call for an appropriate drink. Hugos and Aperol Spritzes may suit midsummer, even early summer, but Spätsommer calls for FederweißerA fizzy, sweet gem of a drink, it hints at an impending golden autumn but hasn’t quite let go of the lightness of summer.


Friday afternoons in Spätsommer call for treats at the park, and for pushing your luck with a grumpy toddler by extending your walk down to the water. Water which will soon be chilly and grey with a wind whipping in off it that could sweep the hair off your head. But let’s not think about that quite yet.


Mostly, these beautiful Spätsommer days call for utter appreciation. The cold is being kept at bay a little while longer. Enjoy it.


  1. Mandi | No Apathy Allowed

    11 September, 2016 at 8:18 am

    I’m totally with you on this — I am embracing Spätsommer in all its glory and wearing all my dresses and sandals that were tucked away during July and August. Heavenly!

  2. Ute Antje Seemann

    11 September, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    enjoy – my best photos on the beach were taken in September, as were my childrens’ …. enjoy those golden days – and the apples fresh from the tree …

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