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Blue (Kieler Woche) Skies Ahead

We’re all starting to get a little nervous. It is nearly June and all we’re getting are storms. Bright blue mornings, sure, but then quick as a flash, in rolls the grey, out spits the rain and hail. Of course, around about 6pm, when you’re inside doing 6pm things like making dinner, the sun comes out and the whole city takes on this balmy, glossy, summer-like glow and you think ‘QUICK, SHOES ON, LET’S GO OUTSIDE’. But for the most part, the weather isn’t good and if the weather isn’t good two days away from June, I feel a tightening somewhere around my chest, and start panicking, ‘what if we have a shit summer?’

(What a dreadful life I lead, having to entertain such dastardly notions. How do I do it?)




There has been just enough promise, though, this Spring. Not a lot, but just enough. Even though sensationalist publications are intoning with doom, this summer will not be as good as the last one, I hold the tiniest glimmer of hope that Kieler Woche won’t be but a feast in a flood. And that cricket in the park and on the beach might happen, more than once. And that this year will be as hot and sunny and glorious as last year.




Speaking of Kieler Woche, it’s happening in 20 days! To the uninitiated, Kieler Woche is the biggest sailing event in the world. Ten days of music, food, races, beer, parades, dancing, and general loud frivolity. Millions flock to our sailing city, including thousands of sailors, to engage in terrible dancing by numerous free public stages, and the consumption of metric tonnes of pommes mit mayo.

Despite Kieler Woche’s sporty background, we are in it for the food. Every year. We haunt the International Food Market, which covers the entire Rathausplatz and then some, eating revolting amounts. I tend to also haunt the Australian store, if only to look on with pride as the Germs guzzle Aussie chardy and wedge in lamb. Last year I was gigantically pregnant, and my Lord, the food I put away … Actually, really, this year’s Kieler Woche might well be quite nostalgic.

Oh, if you are coming to Kiel this year, and haven’t done it yet, be sure to check out the Windjammer Parade. Kieler Woche is one of the largest tall ship conventions in the world, and on the second Saturday, they sail out of the Fjord, signalling the end of the festivities. Thousands upon thousands of people line the Fjord to watch it happen, and it’s quite something.

So, here are some previous Kieler Woche words and pictures, to get you in the spirit:

Kieler Woche

Wir Schlemmen

Oh What a Week it has Been

Let the Eating Begin

The Ships Went By

And stormy it may be, summer a possibly precarious dream, but it’s duckling season. So between the ducklings and the promise of the International Food Market, we are staying positive over here. Blue skies ahead! Right? RIGHT?



  1. Isa

    1 June, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    Interesting to know that Kieler Woche is the biggest sailing event in the world. Will maybe tip toe on up their sometime. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea……

  2. Isa

    1 June, 2015 at 2:13 pm

    there even. Jaysus. Bit distracted watching the French Open….. or at least that’s my excuse.

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