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From the mouths of readers

*** You marvellous people crashed my website. It was down periodically from 23rd-24th November. Working hard to get it back running smoothly. Thank you! ***

This post has done the rounds of the internet again, and I have been getting some absolutely wonderful comments through from readers, most of whom are German and say the loveliest things. Thank you.

What loads of people have also very helpfully done, is share their own observations in the comments, and I thought today I’d pop some of them in a post – they’re too good not to share. This way we can keep the conversation going and hear from others on the topic of the Germans.

So, let’s have a look … (if you have your own additions, then whack them in the comments below!)


1) Germans blame a lot of ailments (dizziness, fatigue, headaches) on Kreislauf – WTF?

2) they think that drinking an ice cold beverage will get them sick. Oh, and driving in an air conditioned car too long will also get them sick.


Also: Garbage seperation (Mülltrennung) is something, that German people do more extensively than any other country I’ve ever been in.


However, one more thing we Germans love doing is the following:

Instead or in addition to greeting someone we (once) slowly nod our heads at each other. Seeing this almost every day. Even I do it a lot 🙂


Another thing I noticed while going out, is that they love Michael Jackson (it seemed to be always at least one Michael Jackson song in the clubs) and David Hasselhoff.

And some of my German friends don’t seem to understand why, if we already made a plan, we should not follow it? Even though, there might be a good alternative that popped out last-minute, we should stick to the plan.

They love to drive fast and they do it well.

In Munich, it is so peaceful, the police might be very bored (except during the Octoberfest) that they gave a 50 euro fine to a friend because he was riding his bike “too fast”, he wasn’t as fast as a car, but they didn’t care.

Walking around the park, my friends did not let me cut an apple from a tree (because the apple tree is from the government, they were afraid it was not legal?) but then on the next corner, there were 4 people completely naked, enjoying the sun… so you can’t eat apples that are not yours, but you are allowed to get naked wherever/whenever you want! And this is also not a problem in mixed Saunas.


Germans NEVER lean or sit on cars that aren’t their own. If you do it in front of a German, it will trouble him deeply (but he will probably not say anything). Touching someone else’s car is clearly invading privacy.


I didn’t see the word Tartort mentioned once. You know you have been eingedeutscht when you can’t wait from Sunday night. 🙂


There’s also lots of people who have guest-Hausschuhe. We don’t want our guest to get cold feet but street shoes dirty the floor! ^^

Guys, thank you again for reading, commenting, tweeting, and emailing (and for reminding me that not all Germans like David Hasselhoff). Have a wonderful weekend, may it be filled with bratwurst.


  1. Brigitte Moe

    22 November, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    With a slight headnod in your direction I wanted to share that it seems like once a German always a German. I have lived in the US for 35 years and have guest slippers (aber natu:rlich!)and would never lean on stranger’s cars for fear that I am breaking the law (well aren’t I if I do that). Almost all the comments makeme think na klar!
    Thank you so much for your blog. You and your readers have keen observational skills.
    Also a tip here for you Livsince you are bracing for the cold month. Perhaps ein Unterhemd will help! Aus Seide. Leicht und warm. Meine Mamma sagt “das muss!!”

    1. Liv

      24 November, 2013 at 10:42 am

      Stimmt, meine Mama auch sagt ‘du musst ein Unterhemd tragen!’ I love that you have house shoes for guests. Love it. It is so wonderfully German. I think the day I purchase house shoes for my apartment, is the day I will take my German citizenship.

  2. Jule

    23 November, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    Well, actually I hear a lot more Americans joking about Germans liking Hasselhoff, than hearing one of his songs… and by a lot I mean that I can’t even remember when I last heard one of his songs, but all those jokes in the past few months are slowly starting to bug me… *sigh* And the only person I ever knew who was a fan of Hasselhoff was a little boy in my school probably about 25 years ago. o_O
    But maybe I’m just a misfit. Some other points on the long list really made me question if I really belong here… ;D

    1. Liv

      24 November, 2013 at 10:15 am

      Hahahaha, it is true, Americans and Australians do like to joke about Germans liking the Hoff because the only time his ‘music career’ has ever remotely been a success is when he just happened to be in Germany around the time of the wall. And now he panders to Germany and Switzerland and Austria, like they live for his album releases. Whiiiich they don’t. I actually think, as I said in the list, the Germans are joking along with Hoff!

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