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That Beautiful Book

Remember that beautiful book I was harping on about in June? The anthology of essays and short stories I edited with my good friend (and super-talented) Sandi Sieger, and contributed a short story to, in the style of Colette? The one illustrated by French artist, Amandine Thomas, containing stories by Foz Meadows, Lee Zachariah, Kailash Srinivasan, Therese Raft, and Antonia Hayes? (Read all about them here.)

0. Cover Cover

Allow me to refresh your memory …

There’s always a writer who inspires you to turn from just a reader into a writer yourself. Sincere Forms of Flattery is an anthology that draws together a cluster of top notch young writers and asks them to write a short story in the style of their most beloved writer. Accompanying the story is an essay on why their chosen writer is so important to them and how their own craft has been affected by this wordsmith. Edited by Sandi Sieger and Olivia Hambrett, this anthology contains short stories inspired by Ian McEwan, Colette, Raymond Carver, Ann Radcliff, Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams from writers Lee Zachariah, Foz Meadows, Kailash Srinivasan, Therese Raft, Antonia Hayes and Olivia Hambrett.

Readers of ebooks, take note: if you have an iPad or iPhone or, really, iAnything, there is a brand new app you need to know about, one we are thrilled SFOF is a part of. It’s called Uncovered and you can download it here, — ‘it’s hard to find a great book to read. It’s hard for great books to be discovered. We’ve developed a way to solve both of these problems at the same time.”

Check it out.

You can also buy Sincere Forms of Flattery through Tomely, and read about what other people have said, here.


  1. karin@yumandmore

    16 October, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    Very inspiring Liv! am trying both out…ah something new how refreshing.

    1. Liv

      16 October, 2013 at 8:55 pm

      Fantastic! Let me know how you get on!

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