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Life in Weiden

Sunday Strolls

With another brother in town – SG’s this time – days have been filled with cooking, eating, baking, eating, and binge-watching American Horror Story. Save for a trip into the city to find glass bottles in which to infuse olive oil and chillies (this is how time is spent down here, it’s a wild life we lead) the couch has been the main setting for the past few days. The weather, cold and grey, called for the weekend to unfold that way, and no one particularly felt like saying no. Indeed, the weather today continues to call for the couch, or at least for not leaving the house – it was 2 degrees when we ducked out for breakfast brötchen, winter jackets and scarves on. It was 39 in Sydney last week, with a total fire ban in place. A very cold Autumn and a very hot Spring. What does this mean for Winter and Summer? I don’t know want to know.

autumn leaves

Sunday afternoon brought with it a little sunshine, and so I got out of the house to bury my face in some of that cold, Autumnal air. Sundays are quiet enough to hear a pin drop, in Germany. Should you be out and about on a Sunday, it feels like you (and a few mothers with prams and couples in their matching Jack Wolfskins) are the only people in the world. Choose your route correctly and you may indeed not encounter a soul. I love it. There is something so greatly relaxing about the empty roads that you can cross as haphazardly as you’d like, the quiet town centre, or the park with all its free benches.


I snuck around the Altstadt and into the Max Reger Park, which is bordered by a stream over which, at intervals, little wooden bridges arch. Part of the old town wall is still standing, that marks the end of the Altstadt. Behind this wall, on the park side, is a strange little Brother’s Grimm esque set up – a tiny garden with tree-stump seats, a wooden fence, and a house fit for a witch with her fattening-up cage, built snugly up against the stone wall.

strange little garden

If you follow the path through an arch, and up some narrow brick stairs, you will pop back out into the winding back streets of the Altstadt. Pop out, I must add, through this:

photo (50)

From there, it’s all cobbled streets and coloured houses, covered with leaves at this time of year. And that ever-present spire watching over it all.


photo (52)

Still seeing Weiden through that positive filter. It’s doing wonders for our relationship. 

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