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Kieler Woche


Kieler Woche 2013 is upon us, which means somehow it is really summer, somehow five months have splintered into millions of Kiel-coloured little pieces and disappeared into the ether. Somehow we’re at the business end of the Kiel chapter. My parents will be here in 10 days for a week in Germany’s sailing city and then not three weeks after that, it’s back to Bavaria. Which means, of course, Kieler Woche – my first, and SG’s first in years – is to be eaten, drunk, danced with, listened to, sucked up, rolled around with and remembered as best we possibly can.

Three million people will join us in our ten days of revelry. Running parallel to the hundreds of booths fillings Kiel’s streets and parks and lining the harbour, promenade and Hörn, is one of the biggest sailing events in the world and the biggest in northern Europe. Kiel, for ten days, will gorge on food, treats and alcohol from around the world, play games, dance and sing daily and nightly to live music happening on around six different stages throughout the city and avoid the summer showers that come sweeping in every couple of hours. The city is alive.

Kieler Woche – let’s go.

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