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A new address (but business as usual)

I moved. Not too far away, just far enough so as to feel homogenous, a little more streamlined, a little more together. I have been meaning to do it for once, raid two or three websites and drag my wares to a new place entirely, but life gets in the way of the most intended of plans. Anyway, I finally did it and here we are. A new address. Same blog, same writer, same themes. But here you can also find my writing portfolio and projects both completed and in the works. Everything in one tidy little place.

My blog, A Big Life, which has documented all of the choices, changes, travels, frustrations and tribulations of the past two and a half years will continue doing just that. It’s just that will not be updated from here on in, this here site will. So, please, follow, sign up, do what you have to do to ensure there is no pause in the programming. Because SG is about to touch down in Sydney and tales shall unfold with alacrity and humour. I wouldn’t want you to miss you.

Onto a little news; something I have been working on with Überlin was casually announced this week – an illustrated e-book based on What I Know About Germans which went viral earlier this year. You’ll find some eerily similar lists doing the rounds at the moment (what does one do when ideas, material and content so clearly poached from, you know, one’s own, start showing up all over the internet with nary a reference to what inspired it?) but the original is here and so help me, original it will stay.

The book is being illustrated by the wonderful Mischief Champion and this little sneak preview became available this week. It goes with point 24, Germans are always prepared for the rain.

 Isn’t it brilliant?





    23 November, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    Muchos Gracias for your post. Great.

  2. Pauleen

    25 November, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Damn those poachers -why do people think the internet and everything on it belongs to them? Rhetorical question. I love the cartoon – the essence of point 24 makes me think my one German ancestral line has a lot to answer for 😉

  3. isabel marant

    25 November, 2012 at 6:05 am

    Really amazing post, highly enlightening and skillfully written.. Good Project


    26 November, 2012 at 6:48 am

    Have signed up for emails and updated my expat blog roll, so done and dusted. (Was ahead of myself on Twitter, who knew??) As for the poachers, yes it is extremely irritating. I’m guessing a fair number of those now flattering you with imitations have no idea you started the trend (you fashionable trendsetter, you) since the earlies didn’t credit you properly, and would do so if they could. Regardless, it’s documented on your site and elsewhere, and you can look with pride at the sincerest – albeit a touch plagiaristically – form of flattery around.

  5. Isa

    26 November, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    Like the new streamlined version – it’s taken four times to successfully load on this old dinosaur – kept freezing, I wonder why.

    As for the poachers, don’t get mad, get even, as they say. Not by poaching, obviously….you know what I mean. Look what I found today:

    But if this article is anything to go by, the style may be a touch, urm, preacherish.

    Have to agree with the author, though – being a Dogme 95 fan since day one – some of the films are brilliant, in a very macbre way.

    On another note, have you discovered Mil Millington yet? He’s quite well-known by now, I think. He wrote a number of articles for the guardian: Things my Girlfriend and I have argued about, and his book’s published under the same title. Quite funny. He’s an Englishman, she’s a German woman. Bit old hat, it’s true.

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