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Back in Sydney


I’m too tired to try and write anything you would actually want to read, but in among unpacking and clearing out cupboards and wardrobes and seeing family and answering mail and … settling back in … I have managed to take some photos. And when I say some, I mean like, four. And pick some fresh flowers, particularly strong, sweet jonquils.

Winter in Sydney is still colourful, still bright. Although I hear it has been a cold winter with plenty of rain, the past three days have been clear and crisp, with big blue skies and clean, pale light. Everything is so green after the rain and the birds in the courtyard are passionately red and brilliantly blue. Even the big native Wonga pigeons with their smart white and grey suits look fresh.

I have missed these colours. And I have missed the songs of those passionately coloured birds.

I haven’t missed being cold.


  1. Emily Orpin (@ejorpin)

    31 July, 2012 at 11:30 am

    Oh I miss those sunny Sydney days too, even in winter those clear blue skies are just so gorgeous…

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