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Sincere Forms of Flattery

On February 1st, my dear friend and now collaborator, Sandi Sieger and I launched O&S Publishing. We wanted to create a hub for literary events around the world, industry news, expert advice, interviews and use it as a platform for publishing quality e-books. Today, we announced our first e-publishing project, an anthology called Sincere Forms of Flattery.

SFOF was the idea that started it all;

It started, of course, with an idea. Quite a humble one, really. We wanted to gather together a handful of top notch writers and have them write a short story in the style of one of their key literary influences. The idea being to publish an anthology that was as much a homage to previous and enduring greatness as a display of undervalued talent. We duly gathered the writers, they duly wrote their stories and then something happened. A bigger idea took seed.

To find out more about the fantastic writers involved and the literary greats they are taking on – from Ian McEwan to Raymond Carver –  please head over to O&S Publishing. And be sure to read our first in a planned series of author interviews, that will be running weekly, up until launch day, April 30th.

SFOF will be illustrated by French illustrator Amandine Thomas and will be available for download on April 30th.

Image from Amandine Thomas

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