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The Love Project

I love words. I love stories. I love books. I love writing. I love creating opportunities for other writers. I love creating projects that enable me to wade even further into the English language and all its possibilities. I love the enthusiasm, vibrancy and voice of Sandi Sieger. And all of this love has been funneled into a new project, a Love Project. This new project, O&S Publishing, named for myself and Sandi and for its global, ‘overseas’ nature, is all about creating quality e-books and helping writers along the way. It is designed as both an informative, resourceful writer’s hub and an e-publishing platform, producing e-books for readers who are hungry for fresh, new voices.

Below is a little bit more about. If it sounds like your bag, visit the site, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

It started, of course, with an idea. Quite a humble one, really. We wanted to gather together a handful of top notch writers and have them write a short story in the style of one of their key literary influences. The idea being to publish an anthology that was as much a homage to previous and enduring greatness as a display of undervalued talent. We duly gathered the writers, they duly wrote their stories and then something happened. A bigger idea took seed.

What if we didn’t stop at just one anthology? What if this anthology was just the beginning, the launch of something ongoing, innovative and nurturing? So we asked ourselves, over a flurry of across-the-seas emails – what can we do in order to be able to continually publish collections and titles? Create a publishing platform, naturally. And make it elecontric – everyone has an iSomething or a Kindle or a laptop. Publishing electronically would give us full control over each title – and would make the reach of each title so much further – e-books that can be accessed from India to Italy, Australia to America.

Fantastic. Wonderful. Perfect. Let’s do it.

But what if, we asked ourselves, what if that platform could also act as a hub for writers and readers alike? A place where one can not only buy brilliant, quality titles from original voices, but also read author interviews, industry news and expert advice. Where hungry readers could follow writing and publishing journeys? What if our publishing platform could act as a warm, cosy, inviting bookshop and provide the communal, shared atmosphere of a cafe? What if, what if.

So we did it. Or, perhaps better put, we are in the process of doing it. We aim to build a an e-library of quality literature from writers we believe in. Alongside publishing these titles – at a rate that reflects time, effort and quality, so not a particularly speedy one – we will feature interviews with writers, tips and advice, literary happenings around the globe and a blog that tracks each title’s progress.

We hope you are along for the ride.

What do you think?