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Delightful Damp

The DB and me being in one of our ‘on’ phases, I zoomed up to my beloved nearly-Scandinavian, sea-breeze-enriched Kiel this weekend on a fuss-free, 3.5 hour trip. On this remarkably smooth trip, I read a few detective stories and gazed out the window. I also watched some sort of slapstick skit that unfolded when an unwitting passenger kept putting his scarf on the  overhead shelf, not realising the shelf had slats through which the scarf kept slipping – onto the woman in front’s head etc, etc. When the DB is in fine form, it is in fine form. Consequently, so are we.

Kiel welcomed me with its usual fresh, icy hug and, highlight of highlights, a delicious Australian red wine – a Shiraz made in South East Australia,  imported and branded by German company, Käfer. Germs, keep an eye out for it.

Today, with temps dipping below zero in the morning (Winter is on its way) we set out for Damp, a beachside town north-east of Kiel. There we found seagulls, sand and sugar-coated apfelschnecke pastries. The sun was out, the usual biting wind was non-existent and Damp proved to be anything but. In fact it was notably dry and rather delightful.

Eckenfoerde - en route to Damp

Chilling in Damp

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