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What Makes Greece & Germany So Different?

One word: tomorrow.

BACK in Germany, I’ve spent the past week gazing out the window, narrow of eye, and loudly tutting, ‘this isn’t summer.’ I’ve also been eating chocolate and revelling in clean, well maintained footpaths and the overall feeling of calm that pervades my days here in Germany’s northwest, a seeming consequence of the country’s general competence.

As I’ve written about before, during my studies and my travels, I have repeatedly been drawn to both Germany and Greece, two gloriously different countries. Considering they share a continent, a currency and a union, they could not be more culturally, socially and politically opposed if they tried. Which would be all very well and not particularly worth a mention if their relationship wasn’t the current poster-child for ‘European Economic Bust Ups and Bail Outs’. They have found themselves in a highly significant, rather enmeshed relationship, the consequences of which are many and far-reaching. Both for themselves and for the union to which they belong.

Greece and Germany; it’s complicated.

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