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A Few of my Favourite Things…

I WAS having a chat with a young man the other day and the conversation invariably strayed towards what to see on the island. I ran him through some general tips, urging him to go beyond the village (Perissa) he was inhabiting because, really, a beach is a beach and you don’t come to a place like Santorini and expect a beach to be the be all and end all. He told me he had taken out a quad and scooted around a little, venturing as far as two villages farther and, then after a sip of his beer, said to me, ‘so Santorini just has some beautiful areas and the rest is squalor’ and sort of honked smugly, as if he’d pithily summed up one of the most artistically provocative places in the world, as no one before ever him ever has.

I looked at him blankly.


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