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The City that Never Stops

The first time you go to Berlin, a dedicated tour of the historical sites is imperative. It’s likely you will visit many of these sites when you return simply because the city’s sense of history and constant evolution is so extraordinary, it helps to be close to the sites that have come to define it.

It is one the subsequent visits to Berlin, that the rest of the city comes into sharp relief – the theatre, the food, the galleries, the shopping, The Spree. The history surrounds you, of course, still provides the backdrop. And it’s likely each time you return to the city there is a new excellent exhibition, or another signifiant site you overlooked last time. But once you have all the big things out of the way, it is time to poke around a bit, walk down the side streets, see it all from a different angle.  

So, a couple of weekends ago, I …

– Gorged myself at Vau

– Took a boat tour along The Spree

– Checked out the MoMA exhibition at the Martin Gropius Bau

– And the nod to history this time round was a visit to the excellent exhibition, The Topography of Terror

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