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Münster Markets

The markets that take place every Wednesday and Saturday, outside Muenster’s famous Dom cathedral, heave with hungry, unapologetically pushy locals. I suspect the unapologetic pushiness has developed to ensure they snag their favourite cheese/wurst/bread before it disappears. With more edible than inedible goods on sale (this is Germany and they do love their food) these markets are a food lover’s paradise. More specifically  they are a cheese/meat/bread lover’s paradise. Entire alleys of stores are dedicated to these Germanic dietry staples – if you forget the goat’s cheese during your first cheese binge, fear not; two steps will take you to an equally as expansive, pungent store as the last.

Fried fish and deep fried potato cakes seem to be the most queued for food stuffs, come lunch time – and when I say queue, I mean queue. Be prepared to wait for your little slice of artery clogging goodness. And then hit the bakery aisle, where butter and sugar prove over and over again what a beautiful pairing they  are.

Locals also buy up big in the fresh fruit, vegetable and flower department. Being Muenster, everything is big and healthy looking and vibrantly coloured.  And we all know I’m never able to resist photographing a vibrantly coloured vegetable … especially if it’s in a rustic wooden cart.

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