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Wilde Reminders

Quite unable to motivate myself today, to do anything, let alone get excited about coming up with clever strings of words for a travel article, I made myself a coffee and took my copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray out into the backyard. The effects were instant. Wilde’s genius is both a beautiful recess in which to withdraw for a while and revel, and a reminder of why I try to do what I try to do – write.

Every so often we need such reminders – when we’re tired or knee deep in a project and unable to recall the fizzing excitement that first launched it into being. Energy is hard to sustain when it’s expended at a high level on the same thing, constantly. As is passion. Passion, particularly, can be high maintenance. It needs attention to continue blooming. It needs to be reminded, regularly, why it’s providing you with such a glorious flower – and thanked for doing so. Keep it sweet and that flower is yours for as long as you want it.

All it takes, sometimes, is going back to basics (the coffee is optional). Revisiting the words, sights, sounds or scents that push you forward in a bid to emulate and create what they inspire within. The energy comes back, the passion feels the warmth of your attention and you’re good to go again.

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