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Pictures, Santorini Summer 2010

Photogenic Donkeys

I have fixated on these photos of donkeys. They’re such photogenic critters, look at them. They manage, with one bored flick of the eyeball at the camera, to look as if they are possessed of ancient (biblical?) wisdom, are completely disinterested in your presence, yet possibly vaguely amused by it and as if, should they be able to talk, they have a thousands stories they’d like to share over a cup of tea. San Diego based photographer, Pierre-Olivier Briglio snapped these guys over the summer, when he was visiting Santorini (where I met him; funny story, involved a wayward scooter and a very sore toe) shooting a wedding. Tough gig, I know. Hand me a camera Pierre, I want your job. The full album is over here, on Trespass, but these are my favourites. Just look at this guy…

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