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An Interview

Earlier this year, Trespass Magazine partnered with Play Now Act Now, a fantastic creative arts festival that encourages young writers, film makers and artists between the ages of 16-25 to respond to the issues of alcohol and drugs through their chosen medium.

Two years ago I entered with a short story and, rather thrillingly, won. The boost to my confidence as a creative writer was as valuable as being able to include the award in my portfolio and consequently, I cannot stress the importance of entering these competitions and festivals to emerging writers.

As Editor in Chief of Trespass Magazine, and as someone who believes both wholly in the power of the written word and the importance of giving opportunities to emerging creatives, to be  able to sign on as an offical media partner of Play Now Act Now 2010, is something I’m very proud of on a personal and professional level.

Alongside terrific Australian talent – filmmakers Warwick Thornton, Serhat Caradee and Steve Kastrissios, screenwriter Paul Watters and musician Ray Mann – I’ve been interviewed by Festival Director Scott Henderson. I cannot lie, I feel my light may not shine as brightly as my fellow subjects, but if you’re interested, the interview is here.

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  1. Sarah L

    15 September, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Great interview, Glad you believe in writers block too!

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