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It’s so unexpected, but …

I am in love with London. Wow. I said it. I did it. I fell in love with a city I have always dismissed as a cliche. I shall explain further in next week’s Trespass column. Outside my window is a laneway of little dark brick houses with white trim and neatly kept front paths. I have leant out my window at least four times a day since I’ve been here, in some sort of film-esque action, and shaken my mane in the gentle summer breeze. I’ve even found a regular cafe (not hard, I’m like a homing pigeon) and the owner is French and speaks with this ridiculous accent. Oh and the policemen, they’re so nice and helpful. And they ride horses, regularly. And I’m getting a handle on the tube and there’s a Primark nearby full of 6 pound sundresses and all anyone here has to do is talk to me and I swoon. It’s love. It’s true love. What am I going to do?


  1. Kay

    7 July, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    I fell in deep love for London when for many years I said London pfft. Please send London my love and have a whirl on the London Eye, touristy but the view when the sun is shining into the pods late afternoon will make your heart break and made me wonder why I never took a gap year to reside in the land of Wimbledon and Primark.

  2. sarahayoub

    8 July, 2010 at 12:33 am

    What are you to do? SOAK IT UP. Don’t you know that there are girls like you stuck in Sydney planning these big over the top weddings that still do not satisfy their mothers? Make the most of it. And do show us some of those 6 pound primark dresses, we are VERY VERY interested xx

    PS I am jealous of the way you photograph.

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