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MWA: Reviews and Pre-ordering

The MWA shaped ball continues to roll and early reviews are trickling in (super exciting, particularly whilst they remain positive) and you can now pre-order your copy online. Also, should you feel the need, you can be-fan the anthology on Facebook.

‘There’s insight and inspiration here on page after page. For women readers, the breadth of shared experiences must surely be a comfort. For men, it’s more of an unveiling; a privileged glimpse into the secret corners of these incredible women’s lives. A worthy cause and a terrific read.’ – Greg Barton, Editor, Australian Traveller Magazine

“The perfect travel companion for a weekend away with the girls” – Katie Bowman, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, UK

“One of the beautiful things that women do so well is share their stories of the daily struggle to find meaning and balance in this crazy old world. In this wonderful compilation some fabulous Aussie women do it with a touching honesty that makes you think, ‘Thank god! I’m not alone!’ – Bianca Dye

“A sprawling tapestry of woman’s tales – a brilliant read. This anthology gives the reader a moving kaleidoscope of women’s sensibilities in Australia”. – Robert Lenzer, FORBES Magazine, United States

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