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Playing Catch Ups

I cannot profess to be a good blogger. Good bloggers blog daily and about new, fresh, funny experiences (theoretically) and we all know I do nothing of the sort. This laziness (which I would prefer to give another name, something that sounds like I am amazingly busy) forces me to publish such things as Catch Up posts like the one you’re reading now. It’s the easy option, I know, the cop out if you will, but what you going to do about it?

So, things to check out …

– Comedy Week over at Trespass Magazine. We’re in the business of making everyone laugh this week (or trying to, using other people’s material) ably aided by Youtube. Check out What Makes You Laugh?, The Funniest Film Ever Made and stay tuned for some of the team sharing their favourite comedians/comic actors. Of course comedy film reviews abound and our regulars have themed their columns appropriately.

– Also happening this week over at the little mag that could, is the official announcement of our media partnership with Play Now Act Now. We’re incredibly excited about this – Play Now Act Now has an ethos similar to our own – encouraging young creatives and providing a platform for them to have their voices heard. Read all about how thrilled we are and why, here.

– I’ve got a beauty review up at Onya – the super hydrating OP Body Therapy Hydrator, perfect for scaly winter pins.

– I have news of the Modern Woman’s Anthology coming up (you can see its pretty cover in the sidebar) – I am biding my time before I properly introduce you to this project and profess my excitement about being involved with it. Stay tuned.

– And finally, I’d like to introduce you all to a gem of a blog, Woog World. Believe me, it’s funny. Very funny. And I am smug (not proud, smug) to say I am one of the Gen Ys who commented on the food and wine (because a) it was good and b) I love food and wine). Make Mrs Woog your friend.

What do you think?