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The Frozen 40s

So I’ve borrowed the below image from my beloved Daily Mail. They’ve run a story on the new face of forty which is courtesy of botox and fillers being as normal as cold cream once was. Now, whilst I quietly thanked God they had openly laid the reason for the below taut foreheads at the feet of cosmetic surgery, I’m not entirely sure having the forehead of Kylie Minogue (whose eyebrows genuinely cannot move) and the awkward visage of Nicole in the midst of her passionate love affair with Botox, is something for forty year olds to celebrate. Because we all know what happens if you’re looking like that at 40 … Madonna happens. I know all these faces are plump and smooth and marvellously age defying – but must we defy age to such a creepy extent? I can’t quite bring myself to celebrate nor covet looking fat faced and frozen with my eyebrows halfway up my forehead and the inability to talk without looking like I’m squinting.

What do you think?