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Un Prophete

I finally got around to seeing Un Prophete last night and Tahar Rahim’s performance makes me even more depressed Kristen Stewart won the Rising Star BAFTA. I know, I know, it was voted for by the public and she’s far more publically visible. And I know, I know, it helps to have vampire teeth marks on your neck, or a werewolf who can’t keep his shirt on, lusting after you and your sullen mouth. But my Lord, really? Kristen Stewart? Over Carey Mulligan? And Nicholas Hault? And now, because I’m aboard the cultured foreign-film-train, I can say, Tahar Rahim?

Anyway, Un Prophete is a must see. It’s up for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and even though I haven’t seen any of the other nominees, Un Prophete was such a feat I will say with admitted ignorance, it should win. And Rahim, in his debut feature film role, deserves every nomination, award and piece of praise he gets. He is truly outstanding, making the almost unbelievable story of his character, Malik El Djebna, an illiterate prisoner who rises to the top of the twisted world of crime whilst behind bars, completely believable.

A head cold has robbed me of my ability to think critically and put those thoughts into eloquent prose, so rather than review the film myself, I’ll direct you to Beth Wilson’s review on Trespass.

What do you think?