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Getting Past the Blog Stigma

Blogs have something of a stigma attached to them. It could be because ‘blog’ is a vile word, hovering somewhere between bog and flog. Or that could be my own issue with the word and I could stand completely alone (as I so often do) in my inexplicable hostility to various words and at times, forms of punctuation. Like the exclamation mark, I can’t stand the exclamation mark in fiction, and I’m not particularly fond of it in non-fiction either.

However my word-neuroses aside, it is most likely because every man and his dog can blog and whilst it is a lovely notion, the unlimited ability to express oneself on a universal platform, like all things Utopian, it doesn’t quite work in practice. Because, what happens is we get an inordinate amount of shit – people who really should make use of a good old fashioned, keep-it-under-the-bed journal, unleashing their streams of consciousness on the wider cyber world. It’s a sea of unrefined, impulsive thought, bad grammar and nonsensical or indeed nonexistent analysis. And that goes for online newspapers as well.  

But, amidst the sea of horror, there are the good blogs, and these make the entire genre worthwhile. The writers are smart, funny, not bound by anyone or anything to push an agenda (generally speaking) and they say something new. They encompass what blogs, in essence, are; free education. A different point of view.

Newspapers, magazines, television – they all say the same things, influenced (and owned) as they are by the same people. The same issues are treated the same way day after day, month after month and there’s no encouragement to look at something from a different angle; in fact, there’s no encouragement for freedom of thought, much less expression.

Good blogs offer educated opinions. They offer an alternate analysis to your own. They offer stories you’ve never heard or stories you’ve heard a million times, but told in a different way, with a different voice. They offer something different to the mainstream and that, my friends, is a good thing. If you consider yourself curious and engaged, then you need to get over the blog stigma and use them for all they can provide. They’re far more interesting than your daily paper online and far less stitched up by advertisers and geriatric media moguls.

You just need to wade through the shit.

Lucky I’ve done that for you … here are some of my favourites, and I’d love for you to comment with your favourites below, so I can build my library.

Wordsmith Lane

The Plot Thickens

News with Nipples

In the Thick of It

Fuck Politeness

Musings of an Inappropriate Woman

Superman Architecture

Snattersnipe: Malcontent and Rainbows

Playing Endlessly

Go Fug Yourself


  1. Lin Tan

    9 December, 2009 at 3:05 am

    At least one or two of these aren’t ‘blogs’, but they are sites I frequent everyday, or at least, frequent when procrastinating.

    1. Wallpaper – – architecture, design, lifestyle, food, technology, beautiful photos and general stuff no one can afford.
    2. Curbed – – most likely NOT a blog but I love it.
    3. ArtsBeat – – IS a blog (says so in the link) – to find out what’s going on in the art, theatre, design etc. world (international).
    4. Capital Idea – – blog of ‘John Bailey’ – GREAT writer of the art/theatre review genre.

    p/s Great post Chief!

  2. Alice

    9 December, 2009 at 4:05 am

    Awww shucks, Liv. Thanks for the blog love!

    A few of my faves:

    Love You Big: (design/crafty bliss)

    The Sartorialist: (fashion/photography bliss)

    Dooce: (motherhood/family chaos + first ‘professional’ blogger)

    McSweeney’s: (geeky reading bliss)

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