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Ingredients for the Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are one of life’s little pleasures. They’re travel without the hassle of check-ins and departure times and airplane breakfasts. They’re wind-in-your-hair, music-turned-up-loud, junk food-snacking snapshots of fun and freedom. I’ve decided that this summer I will go on more road trips – to anywhere at any time. If a weekend is free, then the bag is going in the boot and the girls are being called.

With road trips, there are two rules. A) embrace spontaneity and B) go with the flow. Book your motel room, fill up the tank and see where the wind takes you.

But do keep in mind these key ingredients. They’ll make the trip even better …


Solo road trips are a little lonely and ever so scary and there’s no one to sing with. There’s also no one to commiserate with, should a flat tyre get in the way and, whilst going solo is the ultimate in soul searching style, for a real road trip, you need the kids in the back and the DJ in the front.

Mix-CD (although mix-tape sounds so much cooler so feel free to refer to it as a mix tape.)

Music is to a road trip what salt is to fries. They are a beautiful partnership, each encouraging the other to bring out the best in one another. Singing must be loud, harmonies taken and caution thrown to the wind.

When creating the mix tape, a balance must be struck between big numbers (for belting) and whimsical, pensive tunes for the way home. There also must be a good mix of old and new songs with forgotten classics peppered throughout.

Wind down the windows, throw back your head and sing. Sing like there’s no tomorrow. Cars alongside you will rock out with you, reveling in your gay abandonment. Own it.


The first stop/meeting place of any self respecting road trip is a coffee shop. If you’re brave, or feeling particularly American you can buy a pit-stop coffee from a roadside restaurant/service station just for the novelty factor.

If you’re slightly more discerning with your coffee, then pull into a little town somewhere along the way – perfect excuse to stretch your legs and take some more photos.


Any sort of junk food snack is an integral part of a road trip, but lollies hold a special place on the in-car menu. Particularly if said lollies are fake teeth. The hours of entertainment that can be milked from fake teeth are astonishing. As are the photos.

There is, however, an art to inserting the fake teeth, make sure you push your own all the way until the pink ‘gum’. Completely realistic.

You will feel sick by the time you arrive at your destination, but think of the hilarity.


Complete no brainer. Particularly if lolly teeth are involved.

A Psychic Experience

Palm readings, tarot cards, psychics … there’s no better way to make a trip memorable, than a brush with the spiritual. There’s something quite magical about it and it provides the bulk of the conversation in the car post-reading. Also, who doesn’t love kicking off conversation with ‘oh yes, this one time I had my palm read in this tiny little town down the south coast …’

A Simple Bag

If it’s summer you need three things; swimmers, a dress and thongs. Pack light, and where possible, go barefoot and barefaced. The intention is escapism so keep it simple.


That’s me in New Zealand on a road trip I took earlier this year. Bloody. Good. Times.

What do you think?