Another ‘burg

So it turns out Bamberg wasn’t the final ‘berg/’burg, indeed there was one glaring Bavarian city missing from the list. A city a few people had recommended time and time again, one I had for some reason, continually glossed over.


Würzburg (47)

So, we threw a pretzel and hit another ‘burg. Mum and I hopped on a train and travelled out to Würzburg (via Nürnberg, where I was able to, during our brief wait for our connecting train, change Mum’s mind on pretzels. Hitherto she hadn’t been a fan, so we swung by a bakery and changed that.)

And then we pulled into Würzburg, yet another glorious jewel in Bavaria’s sparkly medieval crown, an old city hemmed by vineyards and home of the UNESCO Heritage listed Würzburg Residenz, a sensational cathedral, Baroque chapel, and – natürlich – Christmas markets.




We bowled into the city in the early afternoon, with not much of a plan and a text from SG saying ‘just make sure you get to the Residenz.’ Map-less (and generally useless at reading them anyway – I am, not necessarily my mother, although … kidding Ma) we wandered towards a few spires we could see piercing the grey, and eventually found where it was all happening.






From the enormous Dom, it’s a two minute stroll up to the Residenz, where we popped in an hour before it closed (perfect, accidental timing is a wonderful occurrence when one shuns a map and follows one’s nose). No photos were allowed to be taken, so you’ll have to check out this extraordinary building here.

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Now the question is … do we go back to Würzburg when Dad joins us, thereby pushing Regensburg off the list, or do we stick with Regensburg?