Writing Elsewhere

I am over here doing the completely unordinary thing of balancing work, an increasingly active baby, and the childcare relay, all of which is very boring to read about (or at least far better writing about it is found elsewhere) and means very little time to write on my beloved blog.

However. That does not mean that I haven’t been writing. Oh no, no, no. Die Lüdde’s naptime has rarely been so productively used as it has these past couple of weeks.

If you don’t know it already, get acquainted with SisterMag asap. It is a journal for the digital lady, created by two sisters in Berlin. The current, summer issue is an absolute stunner, and you can read it for free in German and English. Flick through to around page 149 or so, and there you shall find an article by me, on the history of picnics. It was a lot of fun to write, and it looks, can I just say, beautiful in the mag. Read it in German here, and English here. (No I did not write it in German, or translate it. That was left to the professionals …)

I have also collaborated with Expedia of late, and written about three unforgettable experiences for their new site, TRIP. Read about Santorini’s ancient Akrotiri here, museum hopping in Berlin here, and walking through Australia’s magnificent Daintree Forest here.

And there are the dulcet tones of an awake baby I hear. Enjoy this horrendous ‘summer weather’!