Softeis & Little Houses

Lest you think we spent all three days chasing seals and squelching through the tidal flats, there were other things on the agenda; Roland Garros, eating, and Denmark’s Most Beautiful Town, Sønderho. That is a genuine mantle the town bears, I didn’t just make that up, although I could be forgiven for doing so.


Sønderho is full of the most delightful little houses, with low thatched roofs and bright white picket fences. Danish flags rustle in the fresh wind, and the gardens are terrifyingly neat. It is like a step back in time meets Hobbiton meets the Truman Show. Beautiful, eerily perfect, and small. The houses and the little grassy paths between them, are all left over from Sønderho’s 18th and 19th century glory days of being a prominent shipping town.

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We drifted in and out of the old church, and a tiny little antique and trödel shop, and then magically found ourselves in an ice cream shop wherein we all ordered obscenely large softeis (soft serve) cones. Knowingly, I hasten to add. It wasn’t like the size took us by surprise, we deliberately went for the large option. It was thick and sweet and the perfect balance of fat and sugar, perched atop a lovely crunchy waffle. I ate mine, then ate half of SG’s and felt completely ill for the rest of the afternoon. Die Lüdde was treated to the inaugural few licks, which would have turned into an entire cone had I not taken it away. (Oma snuck her a few more, because that is what Omas are for.)

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And that’s all she wrote folks. Denmark isn’t on our agenda for the foreseeable future, so you shall be spared endless photos of blue skies and grassy dunes for a while. Although considering we live just over an hour’s drive from the Danish border, I cannot promise anything…

Oh, just before we wrap it up, can you see him?

A hare!
A hare!

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