The Ships Went By

Windjammer (n) = merchant sailing ship

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Kieler Woche is wrapping up and before the final binge at the International Food Market can happen, and the Sunday night fireworks can light up the sky over the Förde, the big sailing ships have to say their goodbyes. They do this on the second Saturday of each Kieler Woche in one of the festival’s key spectacles, the Windjammer Parade. Around one hundred or more of them, big white sails pulled high and taut, line up and parade down the Förde, watched by up to 100,000 people who themselves, line the Kiellinie (harbour promenade) to bid them adieu.

We got a coffee at Tragbar (officially Kiel’s best coffee, it’s a fact) and wandered down to the water to see the ships go by. Afterwards, joined by throngs of Germans in functional jackets, we strolled down the promenade to the Linie part of the Kieler Woche festivities in search of some festival food (which, in this part of Germany, comprise exclusively of Pommes, Bratwurst, Süßigkeiten, Dänisches Softeis, and Fischbrötchen) where SG got what has come to be his traditional Kieler Woche half-metre Bratwurst, and I went with the sailing theme and wedged in a Fischbrötchen. And because it isn’t Kieler Woche without an enormous amount of rain, the heavens opened with a stunning summer storm just minutes before we made it home. The skies this morning were warning enough, we even remembered to bring an umbrella. Which was utterly useless.

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Tomorrow will bring as fitting a farewell to the International Food Market, as we can muster. Which means hitting the Rathausplatz empty of stomachs and committed to some serious schlemming.

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