Due to the clement weather of late, and because for a woman in my condition, walks are considered a healthy thing to do, we have been doing a lot of strolling of late. A lot. The other day, my walk to work and back included, I hit the 9km mark. I also nearly fell asleep on the couch during Das Perfekte Dinner (I didn’t only because this week was ‘Wer ist der Profi?’ and I couldn’t bear to miss any) but my blood was well and truly circulated by the day’s end.

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Getting out and about in our hood has the direct, pleasing result of discovering some wonderful little pockets of parks and cafes and restaurants (and playgrounds, they will soon be of utmost importance. We have counted around four within short walking distance from us, thank you German city planning.). Apparently within ten minutes of our front door there is a tiny fresh fish shop that also sells books and eggs, and a creperie that makes Nutella crepes for 2.50 a pop. Who knew? We didn’t. But we’ve been back since.

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Taking a right when we’d usually take a left, as routine and familiarity dictates, has also revealed a whole host of anothers that not only make daily life more interesting, but also somewhat more convenient;  another close, ‘higher tier’ supermarket (because there is a supermarket hierarchy in this country), another rather deluxe looking döner imbiss, another French place, another Italian place, another bakery, another local produce market, another florist, another book antiquariat and another wine shop. On market day a restaurant just across the way, buys up some fresh ingredients and does extremely reasonable lunch specials using the fresh produce.

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And just a little further on, before we hit water, there are the Alter Botanischer Garten – as opposed to the Neuer Botanischer Garten, which are fifteen minutes from us in the other direction – which are quite like what I would imagine the Secret Garden to be. Small, old, hidden, wonderfully lush. And, it just so happens, home to the Schleswig-Holstein Literature House.

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This new neighbourhood is a little different to the previous three I have found myself in in Germany, because this one is for a while. There isn’t a time limit on this one, neither an external one imposed by SG’s work, nor an internal one imposed by my own itchy footedness. We have chosen to come here, chosen this place to start raising a child in. It is the first time in a long time I am somewhere to stay and I know that. And, as I am realising with each passing day, I’m extremely happy about that.


19 thoughts on “Pockets

  1. You guys have really chosen a beautiful neighbourhood, and I must admit that i’m a bit jealous 😉
    Also, the new website design looks really beautiful, I like it 😀

  2. What a beautiful place… May all your dreams be realised. I love reading your posts, Liv, you take me to places I may never get to, and make me feel as if I have…thank you.

  3. Oh man… I am so utterly and completely jealous… Seeing this pictures and reading your descriptions gets up my longing for northern Germany. I wish you three all the best and that you will be happy in your neighborhood for a very long time!

      1. Unfortunately not really… I normally come back once during the summer but my work schedule is pretty full this year so I have to see if I can squeeze in a visit in September or so… But thanks for your concern 😉

        1. Oh I know how hideous homesickness can be – hang in there, and I hope you get back for a visit soon.

  4. Dear Liv, how wonderful that you feel comfortable in Kiel and ready to prepare your nest there for a while. The neighborhood likes charming and practical. So happy for you 2.5 xox

    1. Ahhh the feeling of being comfortable. Necessary for .5’s impending arrival, that is for sure. xxx

  5. Your comment about being happy is so sweet and I can understand it very well. It is good to know when one has arrived and feels happy there. Good on you !

    1. Yes, Lidl and Netto are at the bottom here too! And Penny. Then it moves up a notch to Aldi. Then Edeka and Rewe. Then Famila and Sky. But it really keeps prices competitive and encourages you to shop around. In Australia, our grocery industry is dominated by two monsters and they control EVERYTHING. Plus you don’t go to different places to get different things, you do the one-stop-shop, which I don’t think is very good (although convenient …)

  6. Hey Liv, I discovered your blog some weeks ago and I’m totally excited. Even as a Kieler by birth, raised in this part of the city, you often come up with places I haven’t heard of before 🙂 I’m glad you like the Eisparadies ’cause I’m working there two times a week and I’m still loving it!

    1. Hurrah, welcome and thank you for reading. We are very close to Eisparadies, so I am sure I will be back soon for a double scoop of mint!

    1. As long as she is better about rain than her mother is – she will need the German attitude of ‘there is no bad weather, just wrong clothes’ which I do NOT possess!

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