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I popped across to Berlin a couple of weeks ago, to take Deutsche Welle up on their kind invitation to film an episode of Insight Germany. Insight Germany is a program from Deutsche Welle’s English speaking stable that ‘explores the unique perspectives of people who have come to Germany to live and work.’

My episode is airing tomorrow. It was huge fun to film and I realised just how much I use my hands when I speak, so I apologise in advance if them waving about during the interview is distracting. The host, Michaela, and I spoke at length about the book and the various impressions of Germany I have written about, including why I remain baffled over the popularity of Spargel.

So, where and how you can see it:

Global broadcasting times – for those with Deutsche Welle on their TV

Livestream online – for those who want to see it IMMEDIATELY. It will be broadcast on Wednesday, April 30th at 4:15 pm UTC, 18:15 German time.

Online link to the episode – for those who will watch online. This link goes directly to my episode.

The show’s website and episode list – in case you want to check out other episodes.

So, there you go. I hope you enjoy watching it and if you do (watch it, that is … actually, watch it and enjoy it) I’d love to hear from you. And I believe you can win a copy of the book, so that (alongside my hands) is an even further incentive to watch!

And, because the weekend was so gobsmackingly beautiful, a couple of photos:

photo 2 (13) photo 1 (14)

17 thoughts on “On Your TV

  1. Hi Liv,

    I’ve been following your blog since, uhm, February I guess and I’m still excited to read about your experiences and adventures here in Germany, especially in Kiel (because that’s where I “reside” as well). I have absolutely no idea how I landed on your blog, but It’s cool to be here ^^. It’s like seeing the city of Kiel and the north of Germany, where I was born and raised, through your eyes, which is pretty awesome. Sometimes it is a bit weird, too, because it uncovers a lot of things.

    I’ve been to Australia twice (yeah, I was one of the backpackers, who flooded and still flood the country) and I would consider this place as my undisputed favorite. I have never met more communicative and kind people.than down under. It was overwhelming. Therefore, I plan to go back to Australia with my girlfriend. I don’t know when exactly and how yet. But it will happen.

    And why do I tell you all these things? I guess I’m just excited that there is somebody from OZ living in the very north of Germany – crikey! (haha, does this word even suit here?) Have great day!


      1. Cool comment Kimrasti. You express yourself so very well in English. I am sure Liv appreciates your comment as well.

  2. I really enjoyed watching this episode, it was fun and informative, also it was nice to kind of seeing you in the flesh, if you can call it that 🙂
    Also, there was not too much hand-waving 😉

  3. Nice episode, nice interview. But I guess you could add another thing to “What you know about Germans” which is that we hate subtitles when in fact they are very useful to learn a language. The ballon ride over Kiel would have been even greater with subtitles. But, nevertheless, still a very nice episode.

  4. Good stuff – you’re an expert on Germany! So, that’s what you sound like, I had forgotten.

  5. ps. and oh yes, I hear ya: white Spargel is totally gross. Well, you didn’t quite say that, I did despite only having the pleasure of eating once. Never again. It was so slimey. Gross. Mini green Spargel, on the hand, is quite palatable especially in a salad.

    1. Thank you! Loads of fun to do, but always awful watching oneself on screen. Do I really talk/look/laugh/sound like that?

  6. I enjoyed this episode, and seeing another side of you 🙂 Great to see an Aussie flying the flag for Germany. Best to you

    1. P.s. I didn’t even notice your hands, not once. And that’s coming from another strong gesticulator.

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