A Kind of Hedonism

Do you know what gives you the perfect reason to truly enjoy a place?

Leaving it.

That we are packing up and heading south in less than a week, has given SG and I all the impetus we need to suck Kiel in through our very pores, and for me, the non-Kieler, into my bones. It’s already in SG’s, I’ve known that since the beginning. Unabashedly, somewhat luxuriously, we’re doing things, eating things, drinking things, on the fly, off the cuff, spontaneously, ‘as a treat.’ Each delicious meal is followed by a lean-back, a belly-pat and a ‘we’ll start a diet in Weiden.’ Each dusty morning after a few too many wines is followed by, ‘I won’t be drinking so much in Weiden, anyway.’ (Weiden has somehow become a place of extreme modesty, where we’ll live like Asceticists to atone for our Farewell-Kiel-Hedonism.)


We rationalise everything with, ‘we won’t be able to do this soon.’ (I wonder how much we’d all do if that was our rationalisation?) We’re finally getting around to going to ‘that restaurant’, into ‘that book shop’, to ‘that fantastic Tier Park’ I’ve known about for months. We haven’t cleaned the house in a while because who has time for house cleaning when there’s so much to do? And we’re leaving it soon anyway. We can live with scattered boxes and piles of clothes on the couches, if it means we can squeeze a few extra minutes out of these days.



And Kiel, well Kiel is just serving it up, turning it on, giving us every reason and more to lament leaving. The weather has been blue skies, bright sunshine and late 20s, perfect beach weather, perfect wine-at-the-Seebar weather There was a cheese and wine festival on the weekend. Every Monday night has yielded an Original Version film I actually want to see (as opposed to some sort of tripe I see simply for the pleasure of the actors’ mouths matching their words and their voices matching their performances.) There has been cider in one park on a Friday afternoon, underneath the huge, shadowy trees, and then grilling in another with friends. Iced coffee in the Closter gardens with bare feet and a book. We’re pulling out all of those restaurant gift certificates we got for birthdays and Christmases and finally using them. There has been a lot of Friday night wine. A quick trip down to Hamburg to catch the finals of the German International.




We’ve got one more week. The hedonism, the unabashed, unapologetic enjoying things, will step up a notch. There’s a particular pizza we need to eat, another OV to see. I still haven’t gone flower and strawberry picking. I haven’t played pub trivia. We’ve got one more gift voucher to spend. The house will get messier, we’ll keep packing up stuff as we go and then one day I’ll notice everything has been put in bags and boxes, the mess has gone, and the next day we’ll be on the road, out of here. For now.

7 thoughts on “A Kind of Hedonism

    1. Thank you! I think everyone should leave their home just once, just to realise how much they love it.

  1. Great post, Liv. Got me a bit teary about having left Istanbul! Didn’t think I’d actually miss it.

    1. Ohhhh I have no doubt Istanbul has nestled right into that little heart of yours – you’ll always miss it on some level.

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