Labour of Love

I have spoken before, with a little splash of pride, of a project Sandi Sieger and I have been working on for the past twelve months or so – Sincere Forms of Flattery. The book, an e-book, is an anthology of short stories with a little twist; each of our authors was asked to choose a writer who has served as both a mentor and an inspiration, and then pay homage to that writer through their short story. Each short story is preceded by a short essay, in which our writers discuss their writing-relationship with their hero/heroine. French artist Amandine Thomas read each story and provided us with individual illustrations that are stunning, artistic responses.

The result is, and I can say this now, with the finished product in my hot little hand, a beautiful collection of words, one that revels in literary connections, references, relationships and respect.

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It took us a while to get this labour of love to the point of release. Babies (2!), weddings, moving countries, travelling, job-swapping – ie: life kept happening and the pace kept changing and all the while this project waited patiently in the wings, our only motivation for creating it being a love of the written word, nothing more, nothing less.

My own story, The Park, is one that pays homage to French writer Colette, a writer I met – properly, in earnest – when I first moved to Germany. In my essay I discuss how getting to know Colette and her stories affected my own understanding of how I wanted to tell my stories.

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We have set the release date for June 3rd and are now taking pre-orders over here. More information on where you can buy SFOF from June 3rd, will be available soon. If you have any questions, would like to feature Sincere Forms of Flattery on your blog or website, please shoot me an email livhambrett (at)



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