Decoding Womenspeak & Frosty Kiel

So, a busy, busy week. There is always a lot to sort out when you relocate – a visa, a job, a bank account, a new SIM card, registration at the City Hall – and I’ve been going hell for leather since waking up at 3am on Tuesday morning. I’m getting there, I’m getting there. I’ve also enrolled in intensive German classes, stocked the kitchen cupboards, gotten comprehensively lost (and therefore more familiar with this Northern city) and found an excellent ‘Asian’ store. Asian stores in Germany run the gamut of China to Greece with India, Turkey, Japan, Thailand and a bit of the Middle East in between. It is a one stop shop for any foodstuffs remotely exotic.

In other news, an article of mine about a ghastly video Victoria’s Secret made for Valentine’s Day, was published over on Daily Life this week:

Victoria’s Secret, diamanté-studded purveyor of all things physically and ideologically constricting, have gifted the world a real treat this Valentine’s Day. A bra that doubles as a diamond necklace, you ask? A bra that can, in actual fact, mine for diamonds entirely of its own volition? A deftly photo-shopped shoot of a fourteen year old in which the teen has no thighs yet a heaving, strangely glossy bosom? Better. Victoria’s Secret have generously decoded ‘woman speak’ (finally!) for the less clued in men and women who may struggle with the day to day communication with their partner/love interest/colleague/friend/woman on the street.

Read the rest over here.

So, have lovely weekends – mine shall be spent buying a new coffee machine following the quiet and unexpected death of our Senseo, a DVD player and some un-dubbed series. And finally succumbing to that glorious German staple, the brötchen, something I have been avoiding doing since arriving because those little guys played a big part in the old ten kilo weight gain last time.

I shall leave you with some pictures of lovely, frosty, Baltic Kiel.

Morning breaks over Kiel, seen from the very top of our apartment building.
Morning breaks over Kiel, seen from the very top of our apartment building.
A nice, brisk morning walk.
Getting lost.
Getting lost.



4 thoughts on “Decoding Womenspeak & Frosty Kiel

  1. Just discovered your blog and love the way you write!!! Has made for a relaxing Sunday afternoon with a number of chuckles along the way.

    Welcome to Kiel too :)!
    From a jandal fan (who also gets funny looks walking barefoot … even indoors)

    1. Oh thank you! Welcome aboard! Really enjoying Kiel thus far, can’t wait for the weather to warm up, although it is very pretty beneath the frost.

  2. Have fun back in Germany, Ms Hambrecht 😉 Love those ‘Getting Lost’ pics – getting lost is one of my favourite pastimes. Are you living in the Künstlerviertel? I shall now read about the rest of your exploits….

    1. Living pretty much in the city of Kiel, just off one of the main shopping/cafe/strolling roads. Awfully pleasant.

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