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Daily Life, a wonderful site I have been fortunate enough to be published on, released their list of the top 20 articles of 2012 this week. It makes for excellent reading, not least because sitting pretty at number six is a piece I wrote for them in June about Irish writer and student, Emer O’Toole.

Recently, Irish writer Emer O’Toole issued something of a call to arms in London’s Vagenda Magazine. She encouraged women to press pause on their hair removal regimes and contemplate the idea of letting hair do what it does best; grow. An article in the Guardian followed and then an appearance on breakfast television, upon which Emer raised her arms and proudly showed the effects of not taking a razor to her armpits for eighteen months. Effects which are, let’s face it, quite natural. Because, let’s face it once more, growing hair is quite natural, despite the overwhelming belief otherwise.

The result of Emer’s tussocky arms being broadcast to a breakfasting England was an uproar of mixed sentiment. Many people applauded her, revealing their own struggle with the assumption women should be permanently bald, save for their sumptuous lashes and extended head hair but most, predictably, in one collective recoil, yelled ‘GROSS.’ Men and women alike shrieked, hair should not grow there! That is unnatural! It isn’t feminine! There we were in 2012, appalled at female underarm hair and instead of taking a long, hard look at ourselves for being appalled by something quite ordinary and female, behaving as if the the very crux of femininity was under direct attack.

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What a thrill to be featured on a list alongside top female writers on a site I greatly respect and am proud of writing for. May I suggest you boil the kettle and check out the 20 articles? And I’ll be back soon with posts from the rainforests, wine valleys and cities of Australia.

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