Summer Issue

If the heatwave wasn’t enough, or the TV switched to ‘cricket’, or the Christmas lights that appear a little brighter with every passing evening, then there is another reason to know Summer has signed the lease and moved in … Peppermint’s Summer issue is OUT.

It isn’t often, as a freelance writer, you can be truly proud of the publications you write for. You can like them, you can not have a problem with them, you can be completely apathetic towards them. You can hate what they stand for, what they pedal, what they value. Most of the time you are just pretty happy to have a commission that pays and a byline for the portfolio.

But I can say, hand on heart, teacup raised, I am bloody proud to write for Peppermint. It is Australian. Independent. It has a message and it has values and neither are anything to do with celebrity culture or dated, one dimensional ideas of womanhood. It is full of men and women trying to live sustainable, kind, interesting lives. It is 100% carbon neutral. It gives back to various organisations and charities as committed as it is to a fairer, more sustainable future.

And each issue is a thing of absolute, soul-soothing beauty.

In issue 16, I talk to philosophical environmentalist Tim Silverwood, the man behind Take 3 and Rechusable. He is trying to get Australia to wake up to our willful misuse and overuse of plastic, to how it is strangling an earth we can no longer treat with such appalling disregard. He knocked my socks off when he said:

We have to learn to live simply, or at least simplify things. We are coming out of consecutive decades of growth and prosperity across the world with the dominant theme being to consume more. It’s clear when you look at our current situation of an environment in utter disarray and economies collapsing that something is wrong with this model. We have altered our atmosphere, we’ve decimated terrestrial habitat losing untold species forever, we’ve tampered with every natural process to help humans do the ‘impossible’ and in the process we’ve treated the ocean with incredible disrespect – taking from her all that we need and feeding her back all that we don’t.

Isn’t that the truth. Want to read more? Get your hands on Peppermint magazine in any good newsagent, book shop or Mag Nation. Or find a stockist near you.



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  1. Thanks a lot for this, Liv! I got to watch his TED talk, and check out the eco friendly bottles.
    I can’t subscribe to your blog! When I hit “Follow” and type my e-mail adress, it tells me there’s been an error. I tried with 2 different adresses and wasn’t successful.

    1. Okay, I entered your email address myself in the email box on the right hand side. Has it worked? Were you using the little follow button that hovers at the very bottom? I think that one is kaput.

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