Tea, Coffee & Assessment Detritus

Recent radio silence, a consequence of the last week of an intensive month-long ESL course, will now end with a post of twofold purpose: to have a look at what’s been around (mostly tea, coffee and the detritus of assessments) this week and to say as of now, I am a qualified English Language teacher. Thrilled. For those wanting to look into getting their Cambridge qualification, CELTA, or Australian qualification, TESOL, for teaching English here or overseas, I cannot recommend doing the course enough. I taught for a year in Germany without a specific teaching qualification  (but with a BA and MA) so the answer to the question of ‘can I teach overseas without a CELTA/TESOL?’ is obviously yes, although in Australia, you do need a teaching qualification. Having loved teaching in Germany and coming from a background entrenched in the English language, with a side-dish of human behaviour, I felt it was high time I got a formal qualification that I can use both over there and here, and that will give me more opportunities as a professional. Teaching is something that goes so well with writing and doing both simultaneously is just a joy. I did my CELTA/TESOL Cert IV here and it was wonderful. I’m happy to talk about it if anyone needs more information, just drop me a line.


7 thoughts on “Tea, Coffee & Assessment Detritus

  1. Ooh congrats! I also taught English in Germany. Your photo above reminded me of the English grammar book I swore by lol. Amazing at the time how much less of English grammar I understood compared to German grammar when I first started out 😛

    By the way, I’ve nominated you for the “Thanks for Writing” award because, uh…the title of the award says it all 🙂 Feel free to do with it what you will – just keep up the writing please! 😉

    1. One of the most interesting things for me with teaching English as a language is what I learn about it myself. We don’t study our own language at school like a lot of other countries do, which is a bit of a shame.

      Thank you SO much for this award! Shall go across and investigate. xxx

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