11 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Enjoy your spring! For some reason I thought your spring would fall on our autumn and your summer on our winter… you know…the soltices…Live and learn I guess.

    1. Yes! I think the thing is, we start seasons on the first of the month, whereas the Northern Hemisphere is more September 27th (or something) is Autumn, December 23rd is Winter, March 27th is Summer etc etc. We keep it simple and just go Summer = Dec 1st, Autumn = March 1st, Winter = June 1st and Spring = September 1st.

      1. interesting I guess ours are based on the heavens in the sense that summer has the most daylight hours and winter has the least…I have no idea what spring and autumn are based on hahaha

  2. As Thomas Mann wrote in his Novell “Zauberberg”, the peak of a development is on the one hand it’s climax, on the other hand it’s turning point to decline
    (I totally recommend reading this book!). Seen this way, it’s the origin of hope and depression at the same time, the sweet melancholy of life.
    I’m happy for you that you are on the ascending side of the circle. 😉

      1. Absolutely, if you like summer, the light and warmth. Winter is nice in another way, having been out today, in a perfect late summers day, winter seems to me like the dark ages (but it makes us come together to provide our very own, inner warmth and light to each other).
        I agree, thinking of a circle, that has climaxes seems to be a paradox imagination, but i still feel that this concept – as a metaphor – makes sense.

    1. It’s not only the south, we had some really nice, warm and sunny weeks in Germany, todays temperatures were around 25-28 degrees, two weeks ago it was nearly 40! We can’t complain about july and august.
      According winter: i like the melancholy of this time, it has it’s own quality and also makes summer more precious, strengthens your appreciation of summer, intensifies it.

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