Going to Shine on Australia

The sun has set on Santorini 2012 and what a fortnight it was. There were donkey-rides and boat tours and (many) glasses of wine. Ancient ruins, traditional villages, the beach and enormous amounts of food. There was a tiny rental car and a very cautious, horn tooting driver (Dad). There was a spectacular, public fall down some slippery steps (Dad). We swam in the bay, climbed the volcano and caught a cable car. It was a reunion and an introduction. It was, as it always is, truly wonderful. All photos and words can be found here.

Last week, we watched one of the island’s famous sunsets from a boat, drifting just off the top of the island. As we watched it go down, my Mum said, ‘it’s going down to shine on Australia.’

Precisely where I will be next week.

And so the sun keeps rising and setting, days keep dawning and ending, the world keeps spinning and the time, as the Germans say, keeps running. It is all we can do to keep up with it. And as we try, as we run, sweating and panting alongside it, trying to grab it and slow it down a little, it’s nice to know that we’re all under the same sun.

Because so many of you ask, all but 2 of the shots were taken from the balcony at Astra Suites, including the ones with the pool. 

19 thoughts on “Going to Shine on Australia

    1. Would you believe … SG’s Samsung Galaxy … it has a really good camera. I edit them, play around with tinting, saturation, clarity etc, but all my photos from the past year or so, have been taken with his phone.

        1. Haha, I know – who would have thought a phone could produce such clear snaps. It also has this HD screen upon which the colours are so much more vivid than they are on a computer. I would buy the phone for the camera alone.

  1. Ditto: totally AMAZING photos. The colours in the first one are incredible. And what a wonderful pool in the second pic. You know, from looking at those photos, I think a visit to Santorini is long over due! You should work for their Tourist Board!

    1. This is my grand plan – become an invaluable tourist board consultant for my favourite countries and basically zoom around giving tips and exploring … imagine!

  2. Nice one! Oh and ps: the final sentence is very cheesy but cool as well! Fnarr, fnarr. Still swept away when looking at the pics: I want to be there now. Your magic has worked. Those door pics are cool, too —- perfect postcard stuff: the doors of Santorini.

  3. you are an Australian who lived in Germany and went on vacation to Greece; I
    am a German, living in Greece but unfortunately haven’t been to Australia yet…

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