Interviewed by Melicious (& other marv things)

If yesterday’s 7 things didn’t satiate your savage hunger for more information about the mad woman behind this blog (currently lounging at her desk in QANTAS pyjama pants) then guess what? Marvellous Australian writer and blogger Melissa Wellham has interviewed me as, wait for for it, an inspirational lady! Hurrah! This is the first in a planned series of interviews with various ladies Melissa finds inspiring and I am so very pleased to be included. So if you want to find out what I am going to call my mini pig, when I get him/her (she will have to masquerade under a male name, unfortunately, unless I come up with a good enough female equivalent to the current front runner) then head on over and check out Melicious, a blog full of good things like op-eds, films, artistic finds, books, fashion and other such morsels of Meliciousness.


Also, while I have your attention, don’t forget that the latest issue of fantastic Australian publication, Peppermint Magazine, hits shelves June 1st. Peppermint Magazine is a green fashion and lifestyle magazine, one I am very proud to write for. In this issue, I speak to Tom Connor, founder of Traditional Healthcare about his journey from volunteering in India, to setting up a traditional healthcare clinic in one of India’s poorest areas.


And just while we’re on the topic of words and things I am proud to be a part of, good things keep popping up as we head towards publishing Sincere Forms of Flattery. There is a very funny interview up on O&S Publishing between Lee Zachariah and Douglas Adams … even though Adams passed away a good ten years ago. In further acts of magic, Kailash Srinivasan had a chat to Raymond Carver and Therese Raft managed not to be completely intimidated by the doyenne of romantic fiction, Ann Radcliffe. And finally, if you want to see more little snippets of the beautiful artwork by French artist, Amandine Thomas, then head to our Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Interviewed by Melicious (& other marv things)

  1. Lovely interview, Liz! I enjoy how candid, yet enthusiastic, you are about the grittiness of life abroad. As an American who has also found love in Germany–enough to visit it for a few months out of the year, and contemplate a life there–I appreciate the inspiration, your shared empathy, and the honesty about the lovely German bureaucrats. 🙂

      1. Hahaha it is no problem, people do it a lot, I think it’s unconscious! Thank you for your lovely comment.

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