The other day, we went for a walk down a little track that follows the curve of a stream and opens out into a big meadow. We were last there back in March, when winter was only just considering turning on its heel and leaving. The air was still quite cool and none of Spring’s lush greenness was about. In fact brave buds that dotted naked branches were worth spotting and celebrating. When we were there last, this is what it looked like.

And then, Spring bloomed. Look what happened.

The walk home yielded yet another stretch of meadow, with tree covered hills behind it. The Bavarian landscape is so very romantic.

The German Spring is a gift that keeps on giving.

Speaking of blooming, we added thyme and a new basil to our herb family – our original basil is looking a bit tired, so we’re going to give him a break and, as SG said, ‘harvest’ the new basil for a while. And as if to welcome the new additions, our chives have finally bloomed. And they’re just so pretty. Harvesting chives must now be done with the utmost care, so as not to lop off any unsuspecting flower heads. I love me some chives, but I think I love blooming flowers even more. So the flowers stay.

And yes, I have become slightly attached to the idea of collaging with photo editing software and spent, in fact, my entire Saturday morning producing photo collages. I am that wild. Here are a couple … I know you are as excited as I am.

Aren’t they happy?

And finally, I want to thank the lovely, lovely people who have given me blog awards over the past week. Unfortunately – for you guys – to accept these awards, I need to bang on about myself for a bit, so bear with me.

Gfootsteps has bestowed upon A Big Life the Very Inspiring Blogger Award …

Emily passed on the Beautiful Blogger award … 

And from Mother Sugar, came this lovely little thing …

Both the Very Inspiring and the One Lovely Blog awards require I list seven things about myself and then select fifteen other bloggers to pass the baton to. The Beautiful Blogger has asked me to choose 7. So I shall tell you 7 things about myself and then do my best with the fifteen bloggers. I don’t think I even read fifteen blogs, but I have come across some great ones recently, thanks to the happy accident of being Freshly Pressed, so let’s see what I can rustle up.

  1. I am an Aquarian.
  2. Yes I find merit in astrology (and mediums and psychics and palm readers).
  3. I collect perfume. I have around 60 bottles in storage at home (down from over 100). And no, I don’t have an all time favourite, perhaps a top 3.
  4. I reread books, all the time, particularly to lull myself to sleep, particularly if they are the diaries of Adrian Mole.
  5. I would like to study further – anthropology, literature, history, languages.
  6. I would like to live in another country (or two!) The USA, UK, Greece for longer periods of time.
  7. I am desperate for a pet mini pig. I already have its name picked out – Günther Pericles.

So, fifteen blogs. Here’s a list of both what I read and who I interact with in this little community. Guys, you can choose to pass on the torch, or just revel in the love I am sending you for aiding my daily procrastination. I don’t mind. Just know that I think you’re rather cool.

  1. Sandi Sieger’s In the Thick of It
  2. Diana Schwenk’s Talk to Diana
  3. Shannon Kennedy’s Eurolinguiste
  4. The Displaced Nation
  5. Vagenda Magazine
  6. Awesome Women of Twitter
  7. The Aphrodite Chase
  8. Mittwoch, Donnerstag
  9. Melissa Wellham’s Melicious
  10. Lauren Bravo
  11. Anna Coates’s Green Tea n Toast
  12. Ian and Ebe’s Back to Berlin and Beyond!
  13. Suitcase and Stilettos 
  14. Hunting for Bliss
  15. Tinka’s World
  16. Painefull
  17. Meg’s Geek Mädel
  18. Adventures in Expatland

So I guess I do read fifteen blogs. Eighteen, as it turns out.

20 thoughts on “Green

  1. I love this idea, I am going to do it right now! And thanks for the mention.
    PS – Also obsessed with photo collages. I am doing them at picmonkey (where I can do other things to procrastinate like choose filters or make my pimples disappear). Love your pig’s name also. I want to have a dog and name it Bagel Homer. And a duck named cake.

  2. my little sister wanted a pet pig growing up and i remember thinking that was so odd…but now after reading she is not the only one…i get it 🙂 kind of 🙂 (i personally would have opted for a giraffe as that was my fav animal as a kid).

    i thought i was a perfume hoarder! i got nothing on you!!!! i have like 10 🙂 thanks for the tag girl!

    1. Mini pigs are the ultimate. Small, clean, CUTE, smart and they can be toilet trained! Amazing! Every time we go walking, I say wistfully, ‘our pig would love it here.’

  3. Before I forget, loved your photos. I’d follow that road wherever it leads! What an esteemed list of bloggers, I’m in good company. Congrats on your blogging award trifecta, and thanks for including me.

  4. You are all so welcome, I love your blogs and interacting with you over here. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  5. Hi! I just found you here from my site stats! Thank you so much for the linky mention. And great to have now come across you and instantly find out a little more about you. Looks like you live in a really beautiful part of the world. xx

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