The Countdown Begins …

I won’t bore you with the emotional motivators and philosophical justifications behind why I’m going – all that needs to be said is that I am going, and I cannot wait. In a month, I will be hopping on a plane with one (rather heavy) bag (plus a carry-on, I’m not a luggage saint) bound for Europe and, very hopefully, sound adventure.

I started A Big Life because I wanted to attempt to document the things that go into creating one – well, my one. More accurately, I wanted to be able to write about these things, to explain and explore the effects books and film, fragrance and photography have on me. But I also had in mind – because I knew, come mid-2010, with my graduation out of the way and Trespass bubbling along, I would get on a plane and go looking for stories – a place where I could write about a Big Love of mine; travel.

This blog is where I will store my photos and experiences for us both. I don’t know how long I will be away for and my plans are pleasingly rough. This won’t be a Lonely Planet-esque guide, a diarised account of tourism, or a salacious ‘Confessions of a …’ tell-all. It will be food and drink, sights and skylines, little cafes and big hotels. It will be fragrance and film, books and beauty, music and pictures. A life transplanted. And I really do hope to have you all along for the ride.

Letter from the Editor in Chief (aka me, ha) over at Trespass.

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  1. I cannot wait to follow your adventures as you continue to live The Big Life.

    I can just imagine your photos now…looking forward to your adventures and this new chapter.


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